Without Embed code option - Is there anyway to add analytics tracking and email newsletter subscriptions?

I’m used to embedding these forms and code on everything I create.

Is there some feature in AppGyver that does this internally? Or something else I am missing?

I am a little confused how to use AppGyver platform without this option. Or do I just need to plan to wait a few months to switch? I saw one ticket on the roadmap I think I understood to be focused on this feature gap.

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For mobile apps, you are working with native code, so it’s a bit different – you can’t directly embed HTML content like you can with a website. For example, for Google Analytics you can either use their REST API to track events, or then you’d have to implement their native SDK (which could be done with the plugins feature).

For embedding HTML forms, the WebView component should do the trick, though it probably requires work to make it work correctly for HTML snippets that would traditionally be just copypasted within your HTML code.

That said, for web apps, being able to just copypaste HTML content that’s unsafely evaluated in the app context could be made possible ahead of the plugins feature – created https://tracker.appgyver.com/feature-requests/p/embed-html-component-for-web to upvote!