Wondering if Composer Pro will work for me

I’ve built an app in Bubble for writing students. I’d like to duplicate it with a no-code Mac/Windows version.
Essentially, it’s a choose-your-own adventure type app. The student starts with select a pre-written mode for a character (e.g. He opens a closet door, he climbs a tree, etc.) and then the student has to write a paragraph moving the story forward. At the end of the student’s written paragraph, that student has to then select another “node” (e.g. He jumps, he runs, he hides, etc.) When the project is done the student has written his own choose-your-own adventure story. I have a few questions about Composer Pro.

  1. What kind of database do I need to save? Do I connect Compose Pro to a SQL database or something?
  2. Do the Composer Pro’s text editors sync when you add multiple ones? One big problem with Bubble’s text editors is they don’t. So if you change the font in one, you have to change the font individually in the other 40. It stinks.

Do you think CP is a good solution for this type of app? It’s primarily just entering written text, creating logic so the student has to write a following paragraph, repeat multiple times, and then the student should have a story he or she can print out.

Sounds very much like a great project for Composer Pro!

For the database, there’s two options – AppGyver Cloud Storage which is “hobby-use only”, meaning we don’t give full guarantee to data integrity (but at the same time there haven’t been situations yet where there would have been issues with data).

Alternatively, you can set up your own data storage via the REST API direct integration, so your SQL server would have e.g. a Node.js backend in front. Few tutorials:


We are cooking up a visual Backend-as-a-Service product, but that’s still some time ago.

For the fonts and other styles – our theme engine makes it so that by default, almost all component styles are bound to theme variables, and editing a theme variable updates all components. So if you open the Theme section from the global toolbar at the top and change the primary font, everything updates.

Cool. Thanks very much.