Woocommerce API - Basic Auth issue

Hi guys,
no-coder here with first time API usage.

I want to be able to View, Edit, Add WooCommerce Products and Orders.

I don’t have the first guess how to connect the API. The only Tutorial-Video out there uses an API without Auth, which represents about 0,1% of all APIs out there. Please help.

My concrete question:
What exactly do I enter where to get even a basic connection?

After 3 Hours I have found the solution. Hope this helps future no-coders who’s life is not really made easy here.

I have attached a screenshot. To get the long Auth key enter your Key = Username and Secret = Password on this website: Basic Authentication Header Generator

It will generate a strange key, be sure to copy everything including “Basic” and paste it into “Value” of Http Header

Can you please explain more on how the whole setup works if you don’t mind. It sounds like something that I might want to use :smile:

Hi! Please note that the setup you have isn’t very secure. See more on that in this primer about security. You can use this while developing, but for the end app you will need to not include a static token if you want your data to be secure.

Hi, can you elaborate more on what the correct way to setup the woocommerce rest api?