Woocommerce with Appgyver

Can someone please explain how can i display products from woocommerce in the mobile app I am building with Appgyver? I couldnt even find a single tutorial explaining it. Or any ecommerce app designed with Appgyver. Kindly help

You can use woocommerce API to display products. Watch any appgyver tutorial that uses API to fetch data and implement it with your API.

I did, in the resource URL I put https://xx.com/wp-json/wc/v3/products?consumer_key=xx&consumer_secret=xx. And connected.
Then what is the next step to show the specific datas like list of products, user profile data,orders etc?

what is the response you are getting?

Status: OK and all the below result is showing with all details on response
“id”: 1380,
“name”: “xx”,
“slug”: “xxt”,
“permalink”: "https://xx

Link your product name label to a page variable. Then set the response name to page variable. set response[0].name to your label page variable.

how have you implemented the API call? on event pageMounted ?

I think Nope, to be precise and honest, let me explain what I did. I’m an absolute beginner in Appgyver.
First i created the normal home interface with headings and stuffs after referring from the available tutorials in YouTube for UI design. Then I went to Data > Data resources> Added Rest API Direct integration. On Base, I have put resource URL and in Get Collection(GET), I tested it and the status coming Ok. So now I am stuck, what to do next. Working with variables is first time for me, so kindly explain in simple terms. Thanks a lot

After you have set your API - Go to Data Variable and create a variable for the Data resource which you have created.

Go to page variables and create a new variable - here i have name it productName

Drag and drop a text component then click the ABC under contents

Then click Data and Variables > Page variable > Variable which you have created (in my case ProductName) Click Save

Now whatever changes you make to your productName variable it will reflect in your text component.

Now click **Page Layout ** Open the Flow Function editor > Drag and Drop tthe components shown in the pic above. Click *Set page variable > assigned value > Formula. Ctrl A Ctrl V this formula outputs[“Get record collection”].records[0].name Click save and test your app for error. Try and see

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I get it, thanks a lot brother for your effort to explain me… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This video may help you if incase you are still stuck.

Hi Bro, I managed to pull in some datas from Woocommerce like product details. But can you please confirm whether the below things are possible?

  • The user can view their order history and status (By logging in the credentials stored in woocommerce database.
  • The user can book appoinment for a service and track it’s status.
  • The user can view the status of their service.
  • The user can send us the location from app for vehicle towing service by initiating the request.

In simple terms, what I am planning is, for a Vehicle Garage service center. The customer can

  • Login to the app,
  • Book an appointment for a service,
  • View service status (We will create the Job card for them from admin side app or backend app after receiving the vehicle which will appear in customer’s app under service status)
  • Customers can buy small products or accessories from app and view order status.
  • Live Chat support for customers.

This is my plan, so can you please direct me the proper Map to build this Art?.. I mean the requirements or step by step process and paths which interconnects to build this to come under one roof.

Thanks a lot bro <3