Wordpress rest api and Appgyver!

Do you know if it is possible for me to use my Wordpress website instead of Firebase to retrieve data from a csv or Json file and connect it via the rest api in Appgyver?
Maybe with a wordpress plugin that can be used with Appgyver!

You can check on these topics, I don’t remember well where they talk about a topic similar to yours:
Resultados de búsqueda para «WordPress» - AppGyver

Thanks for your reply, that’s not what I’m looking for!
I am not interested in posts or pages in Wordpress, what I want to be able to do is upload a CSV or JSON file in My-SQL DB and be able to access the data via the rest api in Appgyver.
Same as I do right now with JSON file that I have put in Firebase DB and I access it via rest api in Appgyver.

Right, from the beginning I understood you. What happens is that I do not remember exactly where there was that solution, do not rely on the titles, you have to go to the comments and I know that someone touched on that topic and it was a solution for many in the global link of the topic that I put. But I’m so sorry I don’t remember it well. Greetings :hugs:

I strongly advise you to change the title to something more relevant, with more keywords, since when you see the titles, there are many who do not read what you really need and ignore it :hugs:

Encontro la respuesta?

estoy pensando en hacer algo similar, si encuentra solución la puede compartir gracias!