Wordpress REST API Authentication

Please I need help to add Wordpress REST API authentication method for AppGyver. I need to create and edit some post using REST API.
Dinesh Peiris

Hi! If you’re not familiar with how to configure REST API resources, please see our tutorials and docs about the topic :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you have solutioned your question.

You need some configurations is wordpress before doing anything. These are:

  1. Have an authentication extension and configure it
    I use JWT Authentication for WP-API

  2. Check that you can GET, POST, PUT to your wordpress.
    I use Postman (program) but there is one online that is “postwoman”
    Fot GET sentences probably you don’t need authentication, but for the others, yes.
    In postman:

The token is made with JWT Authentication and you will need postman to make it.

  1. The rest is explained in https://forums.appgyver.com/t/how-to-get-posts-from-wordpress/11368/4

I was hoping to be able to authenticate without the JWT token plugin using the built in application passwords because I have many other integrations the JWT plugin blocks. Thank you for your detailed answer though, I may have to use this. The problem is I use firebase authentication on my wordpress site, and the JWT token plugin breaks that.