wordpress website made into an app??

Is it possible to have your wordpress website made into an app with appgyver? :slight_smile:


Yes, I have done this in several cases. You will rely heavily on the WordPress API. Here are some things that helped me.

Worpdress API docs

Great plugin for authentication

If you’re using Advanced custom fields


Is it possible to distribute and host the app directly onto a custom domain using wordpress, .i.e mycustomdomain.co.za? How would one actually set the web app onto wordpress? What method would work best? Thank you.

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Hell Ali_Kibao. I am completely new to all these and I don’t even know what I’m doing. Could you please create a step by step explanation of how you connected wordpress to appgyver. Thank you so much in advance

I don’t know much about the topic but perhaps this thread might help you: How to get posts from wordpress

I am working on one which displays data from WordPress buddypress site using firebase hosting. You can map a custom domain to firebase hosting as well. But I have discovered a way to send only necessary data from WordPress to firebase, then display in app from firebase which is much faster and less strain on WordPress server.

Still working on it, but basically the activity feed is connected to WordPress rest API using direct rest integration in appgyver. The blog posts and video posts and reels are displayed from firebase. I wrote some custom php to send users and posts and videos from WordPress to firebase, then firebase functions to sync data created in app to WordPress. Firebase auth is synced with WordPress auth so new user in firebase adds new user to WordPress and visa versa.

I have found this to be a good solution because now I can send instant notifications using firebase cloud functions while keeping the actual WordPress site lite and on a shared hosting plan.
Plus the UI and performance of the app is modern and there is none of the page loading and needless rendering which WordPress relies on to create the html and user experience, which is very poor in WordPress if you ask me.

Let me know if you need any help with how to set it up like this if you want to try it.

any guide to understand the implementations

I am after this kind of setup for my WordPress site - could you possibly help me out with how to go about setting that up? Would love to get this working!

Sure. Want to connect in email?

That plugin is no good. Best to write your own. I have one as a guide if you need it.

Best to host web app on firebase and use WordPress as backend through rest API, so you can send push notifications as use firebase auth.

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