Workaround for REST PUT sending Numbers as Strings?

It seems that REST PUT operation sends object fields originally defined as Numbers as Strings to the REST API. That is the case at least with two of my project which I tested. As I really like Numbers in this case, is there a workaround to resolve this? I could check that incoming data at the receiving end (AWS Lambda) but it’s kinda silly. Is there a way to force these fields to be Numbers in the AppGyver end…?

Yes, use the NUMBER function to convert String to Number

Yes, I had that in mind but did figure out where to use that function… I have an input field with the variable “old value” that can be modified. And that “new value” is now the problem as that turns into a String. So could I use NUMBER function in/with that input field…?

Is there any fixes for this yet? Numbers are treated as strings (for PUT) as there seems to be no way to define them as numbers nor use function conversion for new data items before it’s PUTted back to the database?

Thanks :slight_smile: