Workarounds for this?

Hi folks!
I have set my app logic such that, whenever the page is mounted, it will load the data variable (which in turn is used with a repeat list item)

The problem I’m facing is, when the user goes to another page and navigates back (by clicking back button), the page ends up reloading again.

Is there any workarounds for this?

Please advice me of any other alternative methods or workarounds.

You may create a PageVars to store your data,
In the page mounted logic, put in a logical expression IF IS_EMPTY(pageVars), then → load data else → do nothing. Assuming that your data is static

Yes, I tried using a boolean to check if the page is loaded or not.
Howver, I soon realised that there is no such thing as do nothing.
With the logic you suggested, if there is no data, then appgyver will fetch data from the rest api. Else, it does nothing which means it will show a blank page. It doesn’t show the previously loaded data.

if that is the case, appVariales should be used.
Not sure about your record count, maybe you should apply pagination instead of loading your data in the appVar

I’am using pagination.

To explain it more clearly, I’m making an ecommerce application. I have a list of products, and the user can tap on any item and be taken to the item page.
However, when the user is done checking out the item and navigates back to the home page, it reloads again

If your item page is just showing information, you can open your item as a modal. But there is no modal in Appgyver, you might need to play around with the container visibility (true, false) every time the user clicks on the item.
With that, you don’t have to open a new page and it will always stay on the screen