Working on Preview, but not in the published

Has anyone gone through something similar? No preview or registration application works normally, where the information and each registration is not added to the public which registers or the application does not register separately when registration and registration and use of the application are done separately, but that do not occur in reference to the site by each person’s basis. that document in which the created email will be created as usage information same as collections of that email that is to be created.
The strange site is that it is created, as well as the document with the name of the email, which cannot be updated normally in the collections, the only one being created in by the document not used at the time of registration, which cannot be used at the time of registration, which cannot be used for registration, which cannot be used for registration. .
I’ve already added it as an authorized domain, I’ve tried to re-build it, change the domain name, nothing works, please help.