Working with Data

I’m pretty much new here so please bear with me.

I am trying to develop a checkout page. I want it to bring in data from Firebase and I have setup the Firestore Database as per the Appgyver instructions and connected it. It seems to connect up fine but I am trying to bring in a record collection to fill a basic list, mainly I am trying to import ticket types and prices.

I’m not really sure how to parse the record collection data. I have tried to connect the fields in the basic list configuration but I get the message “No data available” in the preview app.

I am sure I am missing something really basic but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do You use the Firebase Connector or the REST API integration?

As You have “subcollections” in Firestore, I guess it is the REST API one.

What is the view component You are trying to configure Your data to?

And also it seems that there is no “set data variable” flow on the page logic canvas, this even though You “Get record collection” you do not store that anywhere…

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Thank you. I was using the connector but I have now setup the REST API.

The problem I am having now is that I cannot select the document name. When I edit the list configurator to use the REST API, the id comes through as the document location - i.e. projects/myproject/databases/(default)/documents/companies/Arnolfini instead of just Arnolfini. How do I reference just the document name?

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