Wrapping overflow text in dropdown field's value

I have a Dropdown Field bound to Static Text. Within the Options List each option has a different Value which should be displayed when the corresponding Label is selected. This works fine!! However if the Value text is too long it won’t wrap or scroll. What do I need to do to make all the text visible?

I realize that what I was trying to do was perhaps wrong, so I have now created a separate paragraph field that displays the value from the dropdown’s selected option. This works fine!! Only problem is that the value also displays on the dropdown but because it doesn’t wrap it just overlays the paragraph field. (I have the dropdown in the first cell and the paragraph in the 2nd cell of a row)
What I would now like to happen is:

  1. select choice label from Dropdown
  2. the value of that choice shows up in the paragraph field
  3. the dropdown only shows the label

OK I have sorted this issue: In the advanced properties you can set “Show value as label” to false.

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