Wrong current. schema

Hello, guys! I’ve met a very strange issue.

I have two airtable tables connected via API. They are called ‘collections_list’ and ‘creatures_list’ and have a different structure. That is proofed by test GET run from appgyver.

Also I have two pages called ‘collections’ and ‘creatures’. Each of them has it’s own page (not global!) data variable, ‘airtable_collections_list’ and ‘airtable_creatures_list’ correspondingly. Both binded to their databases (verified).

First of all, on the ‘creatures’ page I’ve created a card and say it to be repeated with the ‘airtable_creatures_list’ data variable records. And I’ve set a title with ‘current.creature_name’. And that works fine.

Then I tried to do the same on the ‘collections’ page with the ‘airtable_collections_list’ variable. I select it as a repeat source. But when I open modal window to setup title binding, I see ‘airtable_creatures_list’ schema there :exploding_head:

I selected ‘current.creature_name’ that is not exist in ‘airtable_collections_list’ just to check what is going on. Then launched mobile preview, but of course no data is loading in repeating titles. And at the same time in debugger data references tab I see correct ‘airtable_collections_list’ structure, like in the GET response before. This proofes that repeating source was set up correctly.

So it seems like the builder forces me to select something from the wrong structure and then nothing works. Do you have any ideas how to fix this?

Hi @Lev_Rybakov , thanks for bringing this up, we’ll investigate further. One thing you can do right now is to use the “Repeat as” field to name your repeats something other than current, for example collection and creature separately.

Thanks for your advice, Mari. It led me to an idea to try to use formula ‘repeated.collection.fields.collection_name’ and it worked! I tested with new database records and everything is fine. But please ping me if you guys will manage to fix this bug :wink:

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