Wrong showing on iOS

Hi, I got these wrong showing with Dropdown and Button on iOS. They are normally fine on Android.

Btw, cannot Log in Bug Reports | AppGyver

Hi! That looks weird. Check that you remove the margins/paddings from the text components that get misaligned, maybe that will help.

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Hi, removing the margins of text did work for Button components ! Thanks !!

But for Dropdown field, the problem’s still remaining. Even the Appgyver default dropdown field is already showing wrong on iOS : the text is not horizontal centered. ( It shows right normally on Android ).

This happens with me frequently. I can get around it by using the position controls to add a negative value to the top to center it

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Hmmmm, I don’t see this :thinking: Using SAP AppGyver Preview app v.3.0.5, and Dropdown field or the primitive dropdown, both look fine on iOS to me. Can you share more info?

Well, maybe it just happens randomly to me and some others or maybe you need to look more closer to see, because with the default dropdown field component, the text is just little bit be push down ( compare to the arrow icon ), but if you decrease the Width of that dropdown field the text will be pushed down more… The more narrow the component is, the more distance the text will be pushed down from center…

Anw, I used the way like @Ridge_Woods suggested and it works ( with an IF condition systemVars.Os=“ios” )

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Thanks, I had a closer look and it looks like this is a problem specific to the dropdown primitive, I filed a ticket about it.

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