Xamarin source code into API for an app built in Appgyver

So, I am currently building my app in Appgyver and needed to use the above platform to build some features for it. I was wondering if it was possible to turn the source code on Xamarin for storage permission and access to a user’s storage, into an API to connect it to Appgyver?

I tried Postman, though this seems to only accept URL, as far as I am aware. I also looked around but the only solutions available were to use these applications for API purposes rather than turn the source cord created in them into APIs.

This may sound stupid but perhaps, is it possible to turn the source code into a URL and somehow make this work? I am open to any suggestions,

Hi! I don’t think what you’re talking about is possible :thinking: But we do intend to support third party plugins which would enable you to include source code via a plugin into your Composer app.