Xano API Call Running Indefinitely

Is anyone else having an issue with Appgyver testing an API call from Xano? For some reason when I am running a test to set the schema from Xano, the status pops up and says it is running but then it just stays running indefinitely. My API endpoints are working fine in the Xano debugger.


When pressing test, can you see any errors in the developer console? Right click the page, choose inspect, and open the console tab. You can also check the network tab to see exactly what request is going out :slight_smile:

Why would it give me this error in this app but not the other one I am working on? There shouldn’t be any differences between the two apps and I am literally using the same link to call the API.

Could you maybe make a clone of the app that isn’t working? The app id of the app I am having trouble with is 202376. Here is the id of a new app I created to clone it to 216162.