Xano... weird first impression

Just starting with a tutorial and have to pick a database. It is kind of the first database you are introduced to so that must mean AppGyver don’t have one like Bubble does. Xano’s videos are recorded in the admin’s bedroom, I get stuck after watching a Youtube link and I have to close down my browser and reopen Xano and when I building the database content in the input fields the cursor jumps back top beginning of the row when writing 5 letters. Happens every time. After a third try it let me write correctly.

edit: coming further in this introduction the “Enum” functionality has no down arrow so not functioning to make a choice of characters.

I am not continuing with Xano and wondering if this is a legit service and why AppGyver is having an introduction of a failed database so early in the process of a beginner. It is difficult enough to start.