You might want to warn people that converting a component into a composite component breaks all the page and app variables being set in the logic

You just might want to warn people about that, since there seems to be no way to change it back from a stupid composite component.


Valid point. I will be adding that suggestion to our backlog.

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You are right. Unless you duplicate the store component or if it is created by yourself and then put it on canvas where you want, when you make the modifications you do not have to alter the main component.

But he is absolutely right and I have been wondering about that for a long time. For me I think AppGyver should improve that part on the components, that when the developer uses a component and makes modifications to it, he does not have to change the other components (We want to drag that component and give it its corresponding aspects, that if one for example is on another canvas, we can reuse it without fear of making changes and not affect the other component that is on the same canvas or between canvas or page).

And that in “BY ME” it is only a space to generate composite components and that when modifying it does not change the other components either.

I talked about this a lot here with (Missing options in composer in composite component) @Dimos_Vamvourellis, as he also had the same doubt as many people.

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Yes. And the same happens when creating a custom flow function. All the bindings are lost…
Lessons learnt. Now I am duplicating my apps each time before making such a move…