Z index tutorial

Can anyone ppint me to a good tutorial on the use of z index?

All my pages have a background, so a full xontainer of fixed size, with a scroll component in it.

I want to have pop over hints appearing.

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Thanks, I have it working nicely now.

Can you change the zindex using a page variable? I have an overlay menu that covers the app page view in composer that I would rather only see when the loaded app tells it to via variable.

@Trent_DeLoach For that you can use the component’s “Visible” property (on the Advanced tab) and bind it directly to your app variable if it’s a true/false value, or to a formula if it’s a string, e.g. appVars.displayMenu === 'visible'.

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I am actually doing that for the live app, I was just wondering if it could be hidden in the builder that way.

to hide it only in the builder use this option in the visibility

from the formula type

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Awesome. I’ll try that.

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